Tried and Tested in Prada

Friday, March 25, 2016

Here's my fifth (including the dodgy one...) Kielo Wrap Dress, by Named Clothing. A clear tried and tested favourite pattern of mine, but my favourite thing about this one has to be the dreamy Prada fabric I used.
My fifth Kielo Wrap Dress!
It's a viscose/crepe feel fabric with beautiful drape that I picked up for a complete bargain from the Manchester Abakhan. I've been wondering... when it says Prada, does that mean it's real Prada, as in deadstock/leftovers from the high end fashion brand? That's what I assumed in the shop anyway, with a great level of excitement. Either way I think it's lovely, but if anything it's most like the Prada 2012 collections, which all featured similar retro, geometric designs.
Prada A/W 2012
Close up of the lovely design on the fabric, worn with new Docs
The only thing I'm disappointed in is that I wasn't able to properly pattern match at the back seam. I had absolutely planned to do it, but the fabric was much narrower than I realised, so it was a real squeeze to even get the dress out of it at all. Instead, I made sure that the horizontal lines of pattern were as lined up as possible, which is a good second best I guess.

Not quite pattern matched back
I made it a couple of inches shorter than my other Kielos, so probably around 9 inches shorter than the actual pattern in all. Other than that, it was all the same as normal - I wrote lots more about the pattern itself in this post.

Making use of time while waiting for a train
I have little else to say that I haven't said before about this pattern, but this version might just be my new favourite. My original version, made in a similar weight fabric, has been worn so much that it might be on it's way out, so the perfect fabric came along at just the right time!

My friend Erin took the pictures while we were waiting for the train back after a trip to the wonderful Fabworks. We've had a really busy March at work, running a science festival, so I'm excited to have 10 days off around Easter, which will mainly be used for sewing!

Fabworks haul and Easter treats!
On my list to make is the Driftless Cardigan, the Waver Jacket, some Butterick Culottes, and some top secret (for now at least) sparkly samples. Lets see how far I get!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you get chance to do lots of sewing :)

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  1. Fabulous dress!! That fabric 😍 I can see why you were excited when you found it! Happy Easter sewing! X

    1. Thank you! Hope you have lots of Easter weekend sewing planned too :) x

  2. Gorgeous! And I love the fabric too, it's fab!


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