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Monday, October 10, 2016

The weather is on the turn, and I have a personal to-make list of season-appropriate clothes that is getting longer by the day/hour/minute. It doesn't help that I love cold weather clothes the most, so I decided to write a 5 project list to manage, prioritise and pressure me into making!

5 projects for winter!
1. Pulmu Skirt
Ahhhh gosh I just love the new Named collection so much, and I've just finished up my yet-to-be-blogged/photographed Pulmu High-Waisted Pencil Skirt in a heavy crepe. It's fully lined too, so I'd say it perfectly fits my seasonal requirements.

Pulmu fabrics!
2. Waver Jacket
I've had the PDF pattern since Spring, but didn't fit it into my sewing schedule before the seasons changed - I'm determined to not let the same happen again! I'm using the same lovely outer and lining fabrics that I used for my Retro Rucksack (here's hoping I can pull off matchy-matchy) and I've invested in snaps and the proper tool to insert them. This is a first for me as I've never sewn a jacket or coat before, so I've got everything crossed for it working out.

My very first jacket
3. Yona Wrap Coat (tbc)
As I mentioned in my last post, my tatty store-bought coat went in the recycling to give me the push I needed to make a replacement. I'm not sure if it's reasonably ambitious or just downright mad of me to think I'll fit both the Waver and Yona in, but I'm gonna give it a go. I brought this fab, soft, aubergine-coloured wool-mix back from the visit to Barry's at Sew Brum so it really deserves the chance to be used. (Also I'll be pretty cold if it doesn't make it to the machine)!

The picture doesn't do the deep-purple colour justice!
Think I'm set on the Yona unless anyone can sway me!
4. Inari Tee Dress
I feel like almost the only sewer who hasn't made the Inari yet! But I have a plan, and it involves jumping right in there with a hack, to (hopefully) make it similar to a dress I came across on Instagram, but in black suedette....

Instagram inspiration
In a separate make, I'm also hoping to throw some gathers into the mix to make something along the lines of this overpriced Topshop Boutique top (though in slightly less drab colours).

Shockingly expensive high street top!
5. Talvikki Sweater number 2
I love my Talvikki Sweater so much that I'm already onto a second. It's a quick sew, so should be ideal to squeeze in between some of the bigger/more challenging makes on my list. This super cool leopard print fabric stood out a mile in Barry's and was just destined to be a Talvikki. It was £11p/m so a bit pricier than I'd normally go, but if you consider the cost of a nice high street jumper then I'm onto an absolute winner.

Quite possibly my all-time fave fabric
...And now that I've got to the end of writing this, I realise that I'm planning an almost exclusively Named Clothing winter wardrobe. But the instructions, designs and fit of Named patterns are just the best, so hey, why shouldn't they be my go to pattern company? (Is this just me, or does anyone else feel the same way about Named, or maybe another pattern company?)

Extreme knitting!
In other making news, I learnt to arm knit the other day using 'EXTREME' yarn at a Stitch Up Workshop ran by Claire from Wool Couture. It was so much fun and SO fast to make up this scarf which I imagine will be worn with all the above proposed winter makes. I'd totally recommend trying it for a quick win/in-between big makes sort of project :)

Happy seasonal sewing!

Stay in touch!

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  1. OH MAN! That scarf!!!! I love it! I wish I could learn how to knit too but I barely have time to sew what I want to sew (like you said, the list gets longer every second), so I figure I should try to keep *some* focus when it comes to my crafting... can't wait to see your finished products! (Also, you should join "Sew that dang coat already!" on facebook...can't say I will finish my coat before spring but it is nice to talk to others while working away on it)

    1. Ahhh thanks Carlee - I do too! You should totally try arm knitting if you're not up for learning the regular way - it's soooo fast (not that I'm trying to make your crafting list longer or anything...)
      And thanks for the tip on the facebook group haha. That definitely sounds like a group I should be a member of :)


  2. You have beautiful plans. I especially love the purple wool blend for the Yona - yum!

    1. Thank you Nilla! I'm really hoping I get chance to make them all, but particularly the coat as the fabric is so lovely :)

  3. I will be waiting for your version of Inari, loved the inspiration dress!

    1. Thanks Anastasiya :) I've kept thinking about making the Inari but wasn't sure whether it was quite 'me'. Think I'll love it with the waist ties though! x

  4. I love the Yona coat- looks so snug! I may have to put that on my own never ending to-sew list! Really jealous of your scarf too. I love super chunky knits. Maybe I should give arm knitting a go. I'm impatient to the extreme so if its as quick as it sounds it's a project I could get on board with :)

    1. Thanks Hayley - really hoping I can make the Yona happen! Look forward to seeing yours if you decide to make it too! And I'd totally recommend arm knitting - super fast and satisfying :) x

  5. I love your plans! Recently Named patterns seem to have been my go-to as well... or certainly high on my to-make list!

    1. Thanks Sam! Hoping I can pull them off :) Named are the best - looking forward to the next collection already! x


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